Ian's pirate deck 1

: 2

Now and at the start of your next turn: +1 Treasure.

While this is in play, when another player plays an Attack card, it doesn't affect you.

: 3
: 3

Gain a card costing up to 4 Treasure.

: 4

Trash a Copper card from your hand. If you do, +3 Treasure.

: 5

When you discard this from play, if you didn't buy a Victory card this turn, you may put this on top of your deck.

: 2

When another player plays an Attack card, you may reveal this from your hand. If you do, you are unaffected by that Attack.

: 3
: 4

Trash this card. Gain a card costing up to 5 treasure.

Pirate Ship
: 4

Choose one: Each other player reveals the top 2 cards of his deck, trashes a revealed Treasure that you choose, discards the rest, and if anyone trashed a Treasure you take a Coin token; or, +1 Treasure per Coin token you've taken with Pirate Ships this game.

: 6

Reveal cards from your deck until you reveal 2 Treasure cards. Put those Treasure cards into your hand and discard the other revealed cards.

This game was custom designed
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Average: 7.9 (14 votes)


This is a really awesome

This is a really awesome game!!!!!

This is a good set. The Moat

This is a good set.
The Moat is really not necessary because you have the Lighthouse, but, then again for some extra cards, good to have in the set after all.

This is a good set that we

This is a good set that we have played many (at least 5) times. It has some interesting complexities, but the pirate ship is almost impossible to use effectively. It is far too easy to chain Treasury and lighthouse (mixing in some woodcutters and maybe a village or two) to get provinces without ever bothering with treasure cards.

Also, adventurer has never been a factor in any of our games. The one time someone tried it, he kept pulling up gold/copper and not having enough to buy a province.

We enjoyed this set a lot and

We enjoyed this set a lot and played it twice but the second time around we subbed out Moat for Venture and Adventurer for Grand Market and found it flowed better since no one was using those two cards.

Good set, seems a little

Good set, seems a little constricting with regards to tactics, though, at least after first playthrough, in regards to treasury and pirate ship and lighthouse standing out.

Pros funny interactions Cons

Pros funny interactions
Cons hard to Remember to keep lighthouse when tipsy. Pirate ship sucks and The treasury fetishist bored us to death and won.

Has several big problems.

Has several big problems. Moneylender and Pirate Ship result in decks with few treasure cards, making it difficult to buy anything without spamming Treasuries, which is a boring tactic. The relative lack of treasure cards makes the Adventurer often suboptimal as you will likely discard some vital Treasuries in the process. Feast quickly becomes useless as Treasury is the only card costing 5, so it is quickly depleted. Pirate Ship is vital but self defeating, as everyone must use it to get enough money to buy anything, but its repeated use drains everyone's hands of treasure and therefore makes it hard to get substantial value out of it. Ultimately, this set requires grabbing an early Pirate Ship or two, attacking, getting as many Treasuries as you can before they run out, and then spamming Treasury and Lighthouse. Not a dynamic set by any means.

(accidental double post,

(accidental double post, sorry)