Not-so-Quiet Villages

Shanty Town
: 3

Reveal your hand. If you have no Action cards in hand, +2 Cards.

Mining Village
: 4

You may trash this card immediately. If you do, +2 Treasure.

: 4

While this is in play, when you buy a card costing 4 treasure or less that is not a Victory card, gain a copy of it.

: 5

When you play this, the player to your left names a card. You can't buy that card this turn.

King's Court
: 7

You may choose an Action card in your hand. Play it three times.

: 4

Trash a card from your hand. + victory tokens equal to half its cost in coins, rounded down. Each other player may trash a card from his hand.

: 4
Grand Market
: 6

You can't buy this if you have any Copper in play.

: 8

During your Buy phase, this costs 2 treasure less per Action card you have in play, but not less than 0 treasure.

This game was custom designed
Average: 8.4 (14 votes)


This is great if you've got

This is great if you've got prosperity and want an hour long game with some good victory-token usage. Winning score was 81.

This set was a blast. All

This set was a blast. All the cards were great so it was hard to choose what to put in your deck.

This is a great setup.

This is a great setup. Winning score was 110 with 80 victory point tokens

Fun, but lengthy Winning

Fun, but lengthy
Winning score was 92 with 3 people.
Two had about 35 victory point tokens.

Played with 4 players,

Played with 4 players, everyone enjoyed, very high scores

Played with 4 people.

Played with 4 people. Thoroughly enjoyed by all. Longer play. Scores were 87,78,77,75. High scorer collected more cards than tokens (27 tokens), 78 scorer had 30 tokens, 77 scorer collected 23 tokens and I, the 75 scorer, had 52 tokens. my strategy was to collect tokens early and often via the Bishop (trashing to keep hand small). Contraband worked against me getting gold and platinum and affected my late game and had to settle for duchy estate combo buys. Winner had opposite strategy and was able to pull ahead at the end by KC the monument and timely Bishops. He had a much thicker deck though.