Trashy Diplomacy

Ambassador, Bazaar, Crossroads, Explorer, Farmland, Ill-Gotten Gains, Noble Brigand, Salvager, Smugglers, Trader

Silver Duchy

Bureaucrat, Crossroads, Feodum, Festival, Fool's Gold, Knights, Moneylender, Tactician, Trader, Workshop

Adventuresome misfits

Band of Misfits, Border Village, Fool's Gold, Graverobber, Jack of all Trades, Market, Pirate Ship, Remodel, Smugglers, Woodcutter

Overgrown Garden

Border Village, Cache, Fool's Gold, Forager, Gardens, Graverobber, Haggler, Knights, Noble Brigand, Trader

Creeping in the trash behind a market square inhabited by cultists and misfits

Armory, Band of Misfits, Counterfeit, Cultist, Forager, Graverobber, Market Square, Procession, Urchin, Wandering Minstrel

Robbing Robert's Grave

Altar, Explorer, Fortress, Graverobber, Procession, Rats, Smugglers, Squire, Storeroom, Wharf

Trashing the Beach

Altar, Explorer, Fortress, Graverobber, Knights, Procession, Rats, Smugglers, Squire, Wharf


Bureaucrat, Cellar, Count, Counterfeit, Cultist, Feodum, Scavenger, Scrying Pool, Watchtower, Workshop

Trash talk

Bank, Bishop, Bridge, City, Expand, Loan, Mine, Moneylender, Peddler, Upgrade

200308 Seaside/Cornucopia

Ambassador, Cutpurse, Embargo, Fairgrounds, Fishing Village, Horse Traders, Navigator, Warehouse, Wharf, Young Witch


Bridge, Fairgrounds, Farming Village, Fortune Teller, Hamlet, Mining Village, Pawn, Shanty Town, Trading Post, Young Witch

Mega turn possible fun

Baron, Cellar, Council Room, Festival, Mining Village, Moat, Shanty Town, Swindler, Village, Woodcutter

If you listen to fools, the Mob Rules

Altar, Black Market, Count, Forge, Fortress, Moat, Nobles, Procession, Rabble, Vagrant

The Mob Rules

Black Market, Count, Counterfeit, Forge, Fortress, Moat, Nobles, Procession, Rabble, Vagrant

Crooked Politics v2

Baron, Bureaucrat, Chapel, Conspirator, Council Room, Great Hall, Secret Chamber, Shanty Town, Spy, Tribute
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