Games tagged Trash

  • Noble Steed

    Count, Graverobber, Hunting Grounds, Knights, Library, Mine, Poor House, Procession, Squire, Village
  • Trash, trash, trash - and use ALL of the Kingdom - Best ALCHEMY deck I've played

    Apprentice, Bishop, Expand, Golem, Hoard, Mountebank, Philosopher's Stone, Trade Route, Transmute, University
  • Quick money, shit cards

    Altar, Ambassador, Armory, Coppersmith, Counterfeit, Junk Dealer, Marauder, Pillage, Vagrant, Wishing Well
  • Restarter

    Bishop, Chancellor, Develop, Duchess, Feast, Forge, Grand Market, Jack of all Trades, Minion, Torturer
  • Victory Cards

    Bureaucrat, City, Crossroads, Feodum, Nobles, Silk Road, Squire, Steward, Storeroom, Tunnel
  • Victory Cards

    Bureaucrat, Crossroads, Farming Village, Feodum, Nobles, Silk Road, Squire, Steward, Storeroom, Tunnel
  • Sacrifice (remove Duchy, add Colony, remove Silver & Gold, add Platinum)

    Apprentice, Council Room, Expand, Forge, Militia, Mint, Moat, Moneylender, Mountebank, Peddler
  • Cautious Builder (after initial 7 Copper, replace treasure supply piles with Loan, Royal Seal, and Contraband)

    Bank, Expand, Goons, Grand Market, King's Court, Mine, Mint, Moneylender, Remodel, Workshop
  • Silver and Gold

    Chapel, Embassy, Fortress, Jack of all Trades, Jester, Market Square, Trader, Trading Post, Tunnel, Young Witch
  • Gold Trash Party

    Beggar, Counterfeit, Graverobber, Market Square, Poor House, Rogue, Saboteur, Storeroom, Throne Room, Wandering Minstrel
  • Jailbreak

    Beggar, Fortress, Goons, Rabble, Remake, Rogue, Scheme, Secret Chamber, Swindler, Tunnel
  • A strange beggar

    Beggar, Catacombs, Coppersmith, Cultist, Death Cart, Forager, Fortress, Saboteur, Scavenger, Woodcutter
  • Bishops and Bandits

    Bishop, Council Room, Embassy, Farmland, Inn, King's Court, Loan, Monument, Noble Brigand, Sea Hag
  • Trash

    Apprentice, Bishop, Chapel, Expand, Feast, Forge, Mine, Mining Village, Remodel, Trading Post
  • Copper Mine

    Beggar, Coppersmith, Cutpurse, Hamlet, Market, Mining Village, Moneylender, Remodel, Torturer, Trading Post
  • Trash all the cards

    Apprentice, Minion, Moat, Oasis, Pirate Ship, Salvager, Swindler, Trader, Trading Post, Treasure Map
  • Trash Deck

    Apprentice, Cartographer, Council Room, Feast, Ill-Gotten Gains, Mine, Scheme, Scout, Spice Merchant, Trading Post
  • The Recycler

    Bishop, Chapel, Goons, Loan, Market, Peddler, Salvager, Throne Room, Tribute, Worker's Village
  • Garbage Collector

    Bishop, Expand, Feast, Forge, Ironworks, Mining Village, Moneylender, Mountebank, Quarry, Witch
  • Irresponsible consumerism

    Bureaucrat, Chapel, Embargo, Festival, Forge, Remodel, Salvager, Shanty Town, Talisman, Transmute