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Administrator's Games

First Game

Cellar, Market, Militia, Mine, Moat, Remodel, Smithy, Village, Woodcutter, Workshop

Village Square

Bureaucrat, Cellar, Festival, Library, Market, Remodel, Smithy, Throne Room, Village, Woodcutter


Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Council Room, Festival, Library, Militia, Moat, Spy, Thief, Village

Forbidden Arts

Apprentice, Cellar, Council Room, Familiar, Gardens, Laboratory, Possession, Thief, Throne Room, University

Pools, Tools, and Fools

Apothecary, Apprentice, Baron, Coppersmith, Golem, Ironworks, Nobles, Scrying Pool, Trading Post, Wishing Well

High Seas

Bazaar, Caravan, Embargo, Explorer, Haven, Island, Lookout, Pirate Ship, Smugglers, Wharf

Size Distortion

Cellar, Chapel, Feast, Gardens, Laboratory, Thief, Village, Witch, Woodcutter, Workshop


Conspirator, Golem, Great Hall, Minion, Pawn, Possession, Scrying Pool, Steward, Transmute, Vineyard

Secret Research

Bridge, Familiar, Herbalist, Masquerade, Minion, Nobles, Philosopher's Stone, Shanty Town, Torturer, University

Potion Mixers

Alchemist, Apothecary, Cellar, Chancellor, Festival, Golem, Herbalist, Militia, Smithy, Transmute

Chemistry Lesson

Alchemist, Bureaucrat, Golem, Market, Moat, Philosopher's Stone, Remodel, University, Witch, Woodcutter


Caravan, Chancellor, Explorer, Festival, Militia, Outpost, Pearl Diver, Pirate Ship, Treasury, Workshop

Give and Take

Ambassador, Fishing Village, Haven, Island, Library, Market, Moneylender, Salvager, Smugglers, Witch


Bridge, Mining Village, Remodel, Saboteur, Secret Chamber, Spy, Swindler, Thief, Throne Room, Torturer

Hand Madness

Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Council Room, Courtyard, Militia, Mine, Minion, Nobles, Steward, Torturer


Baron, Cellar, Festival, Library, Masquerade, Minion, Nobles, Pawn, Steward, Witch

Buried Treasure

Ambassador, Cutpurse, Fishing Village, Lighthouse, Outpost, Pearl Diver, Tactician, Treasure Map, Warehouse, Wharf


Ghost Ship, Merchant Ship, Native Village, Navigator, Pearl Diver, Salvager, Sea Hag, Smugglers, Treasury, Warehouse

Reach for Tomorrow

Adventurer, Cellar, Council Room, Cutpurse, Ghost Ship, Lookout, Sea Hag, Spy, Treasure Map, Village

Big Money

Adventurer, Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Chapel, Feast, Laboratory, Market, Mine, Moneylender, Throne Room