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bmay's Games

International Commerce

Haggler, Herbalist, Highway, Market, Moneylender, Noble Brigand, Pirate Ship, Trader, Warehouse, Wharf

Perpetual Insanity

Familiar, Golem, Inn, Jack of all Trades, Mandarin, Noble Brigand, Oasis, Scheme, Scrying Pool, Trader

Risky Business

Council Room, Embargo, Fool's Gold, Highway, Margrave, Merchant Ship, Noble Brigand, Remodel, Smugglers, Wharf

Treasure Hunter

Adventurer, Cache, Crossroads, Explorer, Inn, Island, Mine, Treasure Map, Tunnel, Village

Show Me the Money !!!

Adventurer, Bureaucrat, Cellar, Embargo, Explorer, Fool's Gold, Pearl Diver, Spy, Village, Workshop

Dark Diplomacy

Ambassador, Council Room, Embargo, Ill-Gotten Gains, Outpost, Possession, Scheme, Spy, Thief, Witch

Expansion of the Empire

Embassy, Envoy, Explorer, Merchant Ship, Native Village, Navigator, Nomad Camp, Oasis, Treasury, Tunnel

The Secret Underground

Apothecary, Black Market, Cellar, Haven, Laboratory, Moneylender, Philosopher's Stone, Pirate Ship, Smugglers, Thief

Conquest of an Empire

Ambassador, Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Council Room, Envoy, Militia, Spy, Tactician, Throne Room, Woodcutter