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cassecouilles's Games

Combo cheat

Band of Misfits, Cartographer, Counterfeit, Develop, Embargo, Fool's Gold, Market Square, Navigator, Scheme, Trader


Band of Misfits, Cellar, Council Room, Counterfeit, Festival, Haggler, Highway, Market Square, Scheme, Spy

Trash the garbages

Border Village, Chapel, Duchess, Graverobber, Highway, Inn, Nomad Camp, Rebuild, Throne Room, Warehouse

Building a trash

Border Village, Chapel, Crossroads, Duchess, Highway, Inn, Nomad Camp, Rebuild, Throne Room, Wandering Minstrel

Hazardous trap on the black Island

Death Cart, Embargo, Island, Junk Dealer, Mandarin, Native Village, Scavenger, Tactician, Vagrant, Workshop

Treasure of the haunted village

Bandit Camp, Crossroads, Embassy, Library, Poor House, Scheme, Stables, Treasure Map, Woodcutter, Workshop

Silver of mine

Armory, Catacombs, Cultist, Hunting Grounds, Knights, Mine, Moneylender, Trader, Treasury, Wandering Minstrel

Renovation quick

Chapel, Counterfeit, Crossroads, Duchess, Farmland, Feast, Fortress, Nomad Camp, Poor House, Rebuild