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Corbs's Games

Shady Dealin's in the Shanty Town

Cutpurse, Goons, Haggler, Minion, Peddler, Scheme, Shanty Town, Steward, Thief, Witch

Getting By In Prison

Bishop, Border Village, Contraband, Cutpurse, Goons, Scheme, Secret Chamber, Smugglers, Thief, Torturer

Shopping Spree!!

Bazaar, Cache, Contraband, Grand Market, Haggler, Moneylender, Peddler, Smugglers, Spice Merchant, Trader


Border Village, Fortune Teller, Harvest, Horn of Plenty, Horse Traders, Hunting Party, Jester, Menagerie, Remake, Warehouse

Differing Stratergies

Counting House, Duke, Great Hall, Highway, Ironworks, Pirate Ship, Sea Hag, Tactician, Trade Route, Treasure Map

Million Dollar Point

Farmland, Fishing Village, Harem, Mint, Outpost, Thief, Tribute, Tunnel, Vault, Wishing Well

Tunnel Party!

Chapel, Embassy, Lookout, Navigator, Scout, Tactician, Tunnel, Venture, Warehouse, Watchtower


Contraband, Fool's Gold, Hoard, Mine, Mint, Noble Brigand, Smugglers, Treasure Map, Tunnel, Venture

Goods, Gains, and Gardens

Border Village, Develop, Embassy, Gardens, Haggler, Hoard, Ironworks, Noble Brigand, Secret Chamber, Trader

Magical Mystery Tour

Bank, Bishop, Council Room, Goons, Hoard, Moneylender, Secret Chamber, Thief, Tribute, Worker's Village