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Nijnja's Games

Princess to the Fair (Bane: Great Hall - Intrigue)

Fairgrounds, Farming Village, Hamlet, Menagerie, Scout, Torturer, Tournament, Trading Post, Upgrade, Young Witch

Expensive actions

Border Village, Cartographer, Crossroads, Highway, Mandarin, Margrave, Noble Brigand, Oracle, Trader, Tunnel

Black Death

Bandit Camp, Count, Death Cart, Market Square, Pillage, Poor House, Procession, Rats, Sage, Squire


Count, Fortress, Market Square, Menagerie, Mountebank, Nobles, Saboteur, Salvager, Spy, Squire

Green Card

Cartographer, Chapel, Council Room, Great Hall, Inn, Nobles, Nomad Camp, Scout, Stables, Tunnel

Base Game

Chapel, Council Room, Festival, Market, Militia, Moat, Thief, Throne Room, Witch, Woodcutter

NK Game

Ambassador, Courtyard, Embargo, Ghost Ship, Harem, Ironworks, Navigator, Torturer, Treasury, Wishing Well

Cute Poison

Adventurer, Alchemist, Apprentice, Familiar, Festival, Forge, Philosopher's Stone, Salvager, Throne Room, University


City, Gardens, Grand Market, Harem, King's Court, Masquerade, Menagerie, Mountebank, Salvager, Scout

All our favourites

Bazaar, City, Conspirator, Grand Market, Menagerie, Oasis, Peddler, Tournament, Treasury, Worker's Village

Civil War

Bank, Border Village, City, Farming Village, Hamlet, Highway, Inn, Native Village, Silk Road, Worker's Village

The Expendables

Cartographer, Expand, Goons, Nobles, Pawn, Rabble, Saboteur, Scheme, Scout, Trader

What's in your Vault?!

Expand, Fortune Teller, Hamlet, Hoard, Horse Traders, Jester, Menagerie, Mountebank, Vault, Worker's Village

Bewitched actions

Apothecary, Apprentice, Bishop, City, Golem, Grand Market, Philosopher's Stone, Trade Route, Watchtower, Worker's Village

Take it slow

Counting House, Fishing Village, Grand Market, Haven, Mountebank, Pearl Diver, Royal Seal, Salvager, Sea Hag, Watchtower

Money Money Money

Counting House, Fishing Village, Grand Market, Haven, Mountebank, Pearl Diver, Royal Seal, Sea Hag, Treasure Map, Watchtower

Clean up your own mess

Embargo, Fishing Village, Grand Market, Mining Village, Minion, Mountebank, Quarry, Salvager, Secret Chamber, Watchtower

Cards, actions, treasure

Cartographer, Farmland, Ghost Ship, Lighthouse, Native Village, Nomad Camp, Oracle, Scheme, Spice Merchant, Treasury

More expensive acquisitions

Crossroads, Duchess, Embassy, Inn, Margrave, Nomad Camp, Oasis, Oracle, Trader, Tunnel

Annoy's run

Bridge, Familiar, Masquerade, Mining Village, Philosopher's Stone, Possession, Saboteur, Secret Chamber, Tribute, Watchtower