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Turbo Tim's Games

False Fortunes

Counterfeit, Hunting Grounds, King's Court, Loan, Marauder, Monument, Mystic, Poor House, Trade Route, Wandering Minstrel

Random: Top Deck Mess

Farming Village, Fortune Teller, Haven, Lighthouse, Procession, Rabble, Rogue, Scout, Smithy, Stables

Undercurrents of Opulence

Bank, Border Village, Cache, Mandarin, Mountebank, Nomad Camp, Rabble, Scheme, Talisman, Trader


Caravan, Develop, Expand, Farmland, Fool's Gold, Goons, Highway, Smugglers, Stables, Treasure Map

Random 2

Ambassador, Farmland, Graverobber, Knights, Moneylender, Remake, Sage, Scout, Trader, Treasury

Dig Carefully

Conspirator, Death Cart, Graverobber, Great Hall, Ironmonger, Masquerade, Rats, Torturer, Upgrade, Vagrant

Put it on Top

Catacombs, Courtyard, Farming Village, Lookout, Outpost, Royal Seal, Scheme, Scout, Swindler, Treasury

Quick Silver

Embassy, Feodum, Fortress, Jack of all Trades, Noble Brigand, Rogue, Squire, Trader, Tunnel, Urchin

Power of Money

Adventurer, Bank, Fishing Village, Harem, Hoard, Mint, Pawn, Smithy, Thief, Treasury

Random 1

Duchess, Hunting Grounds, Ill-Gotten Gains, Minion, Noble Brigand, Poor House, Procession, Secret Chamber, Shanty Town, Upgrade

Don't Count Me Out

Chancellor, Counting House, Cutpurse, Market, Merchant Ship, Moneylender, Outpost, Rabble, Shanty Town, Worker's Village

Green and Gold

City, Council Room, Goons, Great Hall, Ironworks, Scout, Torturer, Tunnel, Vault, Worker's Village

Duke's Court

Bazaar, Bridge, Conspirator, Courtyard, Duke, Expand, Feast, King's Court, Quarry, Trade Route

Curse Exchange

Ambassador, Cellar, City, Contraband, Forge, Gardens, Mountebank, Shanty Town, Venture, Woodcutter

Mining Minions

Bridge, Grand Market, Loan, Masquerade, Mine, Mining Village, Minion, Torturer, Trading Post, Watchtower

Black Friday

Contraband, Embargo, Goons, Haven, Remodel, Smugglers, Swindler, Village, Watchtower, Wharf