April 10 2017

Amulet, Artificer, Distant Lands, Duplicate, Gear, Hireling, Messenger, Miser, Page, Port

April 11 2017

Caravan Guard, Coin of the Realm, Dungeon, Lost City, Magpie, Peasant, Royal Carriage, Storyteller, Transmogrify, Wine Merchant

Defend the Fortress

Feodum, Fishing Village, Fortress, Graverobber, Knights, Market Square, Moat, Rabble, Remodel, Squire

Take the King's Route to the Platinum Colony

Coppersmith, Duke, King's Court, Mining Village, Nobles, Secret Chamber, Swindler, Trade Route, Venture, Worker's Village

The Witch's Contraband

Contraband, Coppersmith, Council Room, Grand Market, King's Court, Masquerade, Mining Village, Nobles, Swindler, Witch


Bank, Cache, Chancellor, Coppersmith, Counting House, Gardens, Inn, Smugglers, Tactician, Worker's Village

As You Wish

Bishop, Count, Dungeon, Giant, Horse Traders, Market Square, Pirate Ship, Rats, Storyteller, Torturer

warfare and a lot of cards

Chancellor, Feast, Festival, Militia, Remodel, Throne Room, Village, Witch, Woodcutter, Workshop

Positive Interaction

Alchemist, Bishop, Cellar, City, Expand, Golem, Market, Monument, Transmute, Vault

One Shot

Death Cart, Develop, Embargo, Feast, Horn of Plenty, Mining Village, Pillage, Ratcatcher, Raze, Treasure Map

One Shot

Death Cart, Embargo, Feast, Hermit, Horn of Plenty, Mining Village, Pillage, Ratcatcher, Raze, Treasure Map


Adventurer, Baron, Cellar, Chancellor, Duke, Harem, Menagerie, Mine, Tournament, Trading Post

Random 001

Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Feast, Militia, Mine, Moat, Moneylender, Thief, Woodcutter, Workshop

Random 002

Adventurer, Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Feast, Festival, Laboratory, Militia, Thief, Village, Workshop

Random Game #1

Apprentice, Armory, Baron, Bridge Troll, Embassy, Governor, Horn of Plenty, Noble Brigand, Page, Storeroom

Margraves, Oracles, and Urchins hide in Bandit Camps

Bandit Camp, Embassy, Margrave, Oracle, Spice Merchant, Storeroom, Trader, Urchin, Vagrant, Wandering Minstrel

Random Game #2

Bridge Troll, Cellar, Contraband, Duke, Ghost Ship, Magpie, Marauder, Market, Noble Brigand, Swindler

Devastation Nation

Feast, Festival, Knights, Militia, Moat, Rogue, Thief, Urchin, Village, Woodcutter

First custom game

Adventurer, Cellar, Chapel, Council Room, Festival, Militia, Mine, Moat, Throne Room, Witch

First random

Bank, Chapel, Counting House, Expand, Masquerade, Mint, Moneylender, Witch, Woodcutter, Worker's Village
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