Games tagged interesting

  • Political Machinations

    Baron, Cellar, Council Room, Duke, Embargo, Great Hall, Nobles, Scout, Steward, Throne Room
  • Prosperity + Base Set: Random- 4

    City, Forge, Gardens, Goons, Laboratory, Market, Moat, Quarry, Rabble, Vault
  • Battle 5

    Baron, Coppersmith, Duke, Great Hall, Harem, Mining Village, Pawn, Saboteur, Tribute, Upgrade
  • Battle 4

    Baron, Bridge, Courtyard, Great Hall, Masquerade, Pawn, Scout, Swindler, Trading Post, Wishing Well
  • America's cup

    City, Develop, Golem, Native Village, Nobles, Peddler, Pirate Ship, Tournament, Upgrade, Workshop
  • Interesting base game set

    Cellar, Chancellor, Council Room, Gardens, Laboratory, Militia, Moneylender, Spy, Witch, Woodcutter
  • Hinterlands + Base Set: The Silk Garden Crossroads

    Crossroads, Develop, Embassy, Farmland, Gardens, Moneylender, Silk Road, Smithy, Tunnel, Workshop
  • Mad Alchemist

    Apprentice, Envoy, Herbalist, Jester, Nomad Camp, Scrying Pool, Shanty Town, Steward, Swindler, Vineyard
  • From 25 to -1

    Cutpurse, Embargo, Familiar, Herbalist, Merchant Ship, Mining Village, Secret Chamber, Trade Route, University, Vault