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mitchtwarren's Games

Jester your way to platinum

Baron, Cellar, Explorer, Fool's Gold, Jester, Mandarin, Mint, Remake, Tribute, Watchtower

Haggle your way to the top (play w/ prosperity extras)

Bazaar, Bishop, Fishing Village, Governor, Haggler, Mine, Nomad Camp, Scheme, Spy, Wharf

Trashed seashore

Bazaar, Chapel, Develop, Expand, Fishing Village, Governor, Lighthouse, Monument, Pirate Ship, Wharf

Map it out (play with colony and platinum)

Bishop, Caravan, Cartographer, Crossroads, Cutpurse, Fishing Village, Haggler, Hoard, Treasure Map, Treasury

April 15

Adventurer, Counting House, Explorer, Grand Market, Laboratory, Menagerie, Militia, Outpost, Remodel, Watchtower

April 14

Adventurer, Ill-Gotten Gains, Masquerade, Menagerie, Moat, Noble Brigand, Scheme, Scout, Wharf, Worker's Village

Don't get greedy (play with colonies and platinum)

Familiar, Fool's Gold, Herbalist, Menagerie, Mine, Stash, Trade Route, Treasure Map, Treasury, Venture