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skjalf's Games

Prescient Capitalism

Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Fishing Village, Laboratory, Lighthouse, Market, Spy, Treasure Map, Warehouse, Woodcutter

Going With the Bloat

Bureaucrat, Cellar, Chancellor, Feast, Gardens, Mine, Thief, Village, Witch, Woodcutter

Robbin' the 'Hood

Adventurer, Council Room, Feast, Gardens, Library, Militia, Moneylender, Remodel, Smithy, Thief


Bazaar, Chapel, Embargo, Gardens, Island, Lookout, Merchant Ship, Moat, Outpost, Pearl Diver

Local Corruption

Ambassador, Black Market, Island, Native Village, Navigator, Sea Hag, Smugglers, Throne Room, Village, Warehouse

Recycled Self-Sufficiency

Caravan, Explorer, Feast, Library, Remodel, Salvager, Tactician, Village, Warehouse, Workshop

Conservative Gambling

Black Market, Cellar, Chapel, Festival, Gardens, Market, Mine, Moat, Spy, Treasure Map