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WilsonWriter's Games

Our Top 25 - Hit the Road, Jack

Adventurer, Highway, Jack of all Trades, Militia, Mining Village, Moat, Nomad Camp, Shanty Town, Stables, Swindler

In Our Top 25 - For Such a Time as This (based on biblical Queen Esther's story)

Baron, Border Village, Cache, Courtyard, Duke, Fool's Gold, Harem, Scheme, Steward, Swindler

Our Top 25 - In the Halls of King Xerxes

Conspirator, Feast, Festival, Gardens, Great Hall, Harem, Library, Steward, Swindler, Throne Room

Our Top 25 - The Count of Monte Cristo

Baron, Cartographer, Festival, Fool's Gold, Gardens, Masquerade, Scheme, Secret Chamber, Torturer, Tunnel

Our Top 25 - The Scarlet Letter

Cache, Chancellor, Chapel, Council Room, Duchess, Farmland, Inn, Library, Oracle, Village

Our Top 25 - Building Bridges

Bridge, Chapel, Council Room, Courtyard, Great Hall, Ironworks, Library, Throne Room, Upgrade, Workshop

Our Top 25 - The Good Earth

Coppersmith, Crossroads, Farmland, Ill-Gotten Gains, Mandarin, Shanty Town, Silk Road, Steward, Tribute, Upgrade

Wherever You May Go

Cartographer, Council Room, Courtyard, Embassy, Laboratory, Mandarin, Remodel, Scout, Torturer, Wishing Well

Barns & Nobles

Bureaucrat, Ironworks, Laboratory, Noble Brigand, Nobles, Secret Chamber, Smithy, Stables, Trader, Tunnel

A Tale of Two Cities

Duke, Embassy, Jack of all Trades, Market, Militia, Mining Village, Nobles, Scheme, Trader, Village

Pilgrim's Progress

Adventurer, Border Village, Crossroads, Haggler, Jack of all Trades, Market, Nomad Camp, Thief, Throne Room, Woodcutter

Breaking Bad (based on 2012 poll of favorite cards)

Border Village, Crossroads, Fool's Gold, Ill-Gotten Gains, Jack of all Trades, Margrave, Masquerade, Minion, Silk Road, Tunnel

The Biggest Loser (based on 2012 poll of least favorite cards)

Adventurer, Cellar, Harem, Mine, Saboteur, Scout, Secret Chamber, Thief, Woodcutter, Workshop

The Weakest Link (based on 2012 poll of least favorite cards)

Cache, Chancellor, Coppersmith, Develop, Duchess, Farmland, Mandarin, Moat, Spy, Village

Expansive Chess

Bishop, Duchess, Duke, Fortress, Horse Traders, King's Court, Knights, Outpost, Pawn, Watchtower

"Let My People Go"

Border Village, Bureaucrat, Chapel, Feast, Militia, Nomad Camp, Oasis, Oracle, Silk Road, Throne Room

Green & Gold (A Nod to the Oregon Ducks)

Bank, Contraband, Duke, Gardens, Great Hall, Harem, Hoard, Nobles, Talisman, Venture

Penny Lane

Coppersmith, Develop, Fool's Gold, Ill-Gotten Gains, Ironworks, Market, Moneylender, Noble Brigand, Oasis, Secret Chamber

Nottingham Forest

Baron, Cache, Chapel, Duchess, Noble Brigand, Scout, Swindler, Throne Room, Tribute, Village

Chancellor's Ambition

Baron, Cache, Chancellor, Council Room, Feast, Great Hall, Ill-Gotten Gains, Secret Chamber, Spy, Trader