Party at the Palace

Adventurer, Baron, Bureaucrat, Chapel, Masquerade, Mine, Minion, Secret Chamber, Throne Room, Wishing Well


Cutpurse, Fishing Village, Great Hall, Harem, Mining Village, Pawn, Secret Chamber, Steward, Tribute, Upgrade

The Rich Get Richer

Bazaar, Embargo, Festival, Fishing Village, Lighthouse, Market, Merchant Ship, Militia, Treasury, Woodcutter

The Evil Empire

Apprentice, Familiar, Minion, Possession, Scrying Pool, Sea Hag, Secret Chamber, Torturer, Tribute, Witch

The Copper Recurrence

Alchemist, Apothecary, Coppersmith, Herbalist, Laboratory, Moneylender, Scout, Scrying Pool, Thief, Village

The Wizards of the Slender Tower vs the Treasure Hunting Muggles

Alchemist, Familiar, Minion, Pearl Diver, Scrying Pool, Steward, Treasure Map, Vineyard, Warehouse, Wishing Well

Skipping Stones at the Rave

Apothecary, Haven, Island, Pearl Diver, Philosopher's Stone, Scrying Pool, University, Upgrade, Vineyard, Warehouse

The Distinguished Gentlemen

Adventurer, Baron, Council Room, Courtyard, Feast, Festival, Nobles, Pawn, Steward, Throne Room


Bureaucrat, Chapel, Familiar, Festival, Militia, Scrying Pool, Smithy, Spy, Thief, Witch

Island Trash

Adventurer, Cellar, Fishing Village, Island, Market, Sea Hag, Secret Chamber, Steward, Swindler, Wharf

Alchemist's Glitter is Copper (A Grand Market would be cute.)

Alchemist, Apothecary, Coppersmith, Council Room, Counting House, Cutpurse, Gardens, Golem, Philosopher's Stone, Smugglers

Eight Estates

Apothecary, Bridge, Golem, Ironworks, Minion, Scout, Smugglers, Throne Room, Tribute, Upgrade

If Adventure has a Name

Adventurer, Apprentice, Caravan, Native Village, Philosopher's Stone, Secret Chamber, Treasure Map, Tribute, University, Wharf

East India Trading Company

Apprentice, Baron, Black Market, Council Room, Gardens, Haven, Tactician, Trading Post, Warehouse, Wharf

ataques y mas

Cutpurse, Familiar, Festival, Gardens, Militia, Native Village, Smithy, University, Witch, Workshop

Everybody plays the goon

Bureaucrat, City, Fishing Village, Goons, Great Hall, King's Court, Peddler, Smithy, Village, Watchtower

Cursed Apprentice

Apothecary, Apprentice, Bank, Familiar, Library, Mountebank, Steward, Talisman, Venture, Watchtower

The Nobles Stroll

Bazaar, Cellar, Chancellor, Expand, Nobles, Philosopher's Stone, Quarry, Shanty Town, Vineyard, Wharf

Interactive without attacks

Bishop, City, Contraband, Council Room, Embargo, Masquerade, Smugglers, Trade Route, Tribute, Vault

Feudal Village

Baron, Cellar, Embargo, Fishing Village, Library, Native Village, University, Warehouse, Witch, Workshop
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