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Don Quixote's Games

A Tale of Prosperity

Bank, Bridge Troll, City, Hoard, Moneylender, Ratcatcher, Royal Carriage, Storyteller, Vault, Worker's Village

Money! Money! Money!

Bank, Council Room, Goons, Hoard, King's Court, Mint, Moat, Quarry, Venture, Worker's Village

Intriguing Tactics

Bridge, Conspirator, Fishing Village, Lighthouse, Minion, Tactician, Torturer, Treasury, Upgrade, Wharf

Many Paths to Travel+[Pathfinding & Inheritance]

Bridge, Coin of the Realm, Distant Lands, Duplicate, Guide, Moat, Page, Peasant, Ratcatcher, Smithy

Reserve and Duration + [Inheritance + Save]

Bridge Troll, Caravan, Coin of the Realm, Duplicate, Gear, Guide, Haven, Outpost, Royal Carriage, Wharf

Seaside Adventures

Caravan, Caravan Guard, Duplicate, Gear, Guide, Hireling, Native Village, Outpost, Port, Wharf


Caravan, Caravan Guard, Duplicate, Gear, Guide, Hireling, Native Village, Port, Transmogrify, Wharf

An Adventure of Intrigue and Prosperity + [Ball & Scouting Party]:Events

Artificer, Bridge, Coin of the Realm, Coppersmith, Counting House, King's Court, Storyteller, Treasure Trove, Tribute, Worker's Village

Fun and Adventures

Artificer, Bridge Troll, Coin of the Realm, Gear, Lost City, Miser, Ranger, Royal Carriage, Transmogrify, Treasure Trove


Artificer, Baron, Bishop, City, Duplicate, Ironworks, Messenger, Port, Smugglers, Treasure Trove

To the victor go the spoils

Bank, Festival, Great Hall, Hoard, Island, Moneylender, Nobles, Quarry, Royal Seal, Trade Route