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Ooliverr's Games

Spanish Inquisition

Altar, Bishop, Border Village, Chapel, Conspirator, Council Room, King's Court, Scheme, Torturer, Young Witch

The Sultan's Journey

Bazaar, Caravan Guard, Cutpurse, Distant Lands, Haggler, Harem, Nomad Camp, Oasis, Spice Merchant, Spy

Cpt. Leo's Ship

Armory, Explorer, Gear, Lookout, Merchant Ship, Navigator, Rats, Storeroom, Treasure Map, Urchin

Masquerade Ball

Feast, Festival, Gardens, Jester, King's Court, Masquerade, Nobles, Procession, Wandering Minstrel, Wine Merchant

Bad Days on the Farm

Cellar, Farming Village, Farmland, Harvest, Horn of Plenty, Menagerie, Peasant, Pillage, Stables, Storeroom

Royal Demands

Baron, Coin of the Realm, Count, Duchess, Duke, Nobles, Steward, Tournament, Tribute, Venture

The Walls of & Dangers to the Castle

Cellar, Chapel, Courtyard, Dungeon, Fortress, Great Hall, Moat, Storeroom, Throne Room, Watchtower

Traveller Mayhem

Band of Misfits, Baron, City, Giant, Graverobber, Hunting Party, Page, Peasant, Rogue, Steward

The Castle of Cagliostro

Black Market, Contraband, Goons, Highway, Inn, Minion, Royal Seal, Secret Chamber, Spy, Tournament

Horrid Possession

Ambassador, Band of Misfits, Contraband, Envoy, Island, Masquerade, Native Village, Possession, Scavenger, Swindler

Ultra Multiplicity

Distant Lands, Great Hall, Harem, Ironmonger, Ironworks, Island, Nobles, Peasant, Transmute, Tribute

Pass the Duchy on the Lefthand Side

Count, Duchess, Duke, Festival, Fortune Teller, Hunting Grounds, Possession, Tournament, Transmute, Young Witch

Swindled Gains

Border Village, Cache, Death Cart, Duchess, Embassy, Nomad Camp, Port, Remake, Saboteur, Swindler

Money Market

Bank, Black Market, Courtyard, Fool's Gold, Harem, Horse Traders, Loan, Lost City, Quarry, Treasure Trove

Hero's Reward

Crossroads, Feodum, Harem, Hoard, Mint, Page, Scout, Silk Road, Squire, Thief

Entertainment at the Fair

Fairgrounds, Feast, Festival, Fortune Teller, Jester, Junk Dealer, Menagerie, Storyteller, Tournament, Wandering Minstrel

Black Market of Trash

Apothecary, Black Market, Catacombs, Cultist, Feodum, Fortress, Herbalist, Hunting Grounds, Rats, Squire

Victory Market

Alchemist, Black Market, Crossroads, Fortune Teller, Grand Market, Graverobber, Mine, Scout, Silk Road, Vagrant


Apothecary, Fortress, Golem, Graverobber, Hamlet, Hermit, Laboratory, Lookout, Minion, Rabble


Bishop, Chapel, Goons, Horse Traders, Hunting Grounds, Jester, Market Square, Secret Chamber, Squire, Swindler