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scooter-w's Games

A Royal Carriage for Giants and Rangers

Gear, Giant, Graverobber, Hermit, Ironmonger, Ranger, Royal Carriage, Secret Chamber, Transmogrify, Village

Scouting out Distant Lands

Altar, Bureaucrat, Distant Lands, Festival, Great Hall, Lost City, Market Square, Mystic, Scout, Throne Room

A Bridge Troll's Inheritance

Amulet, Artificer, Bridge Troll, Caravan Guard, Council Room, Knights, Moat, Port, Throne Room, Workshop

Travelling to the Library

Cellar, Chancellor, Feast, Gear, Guide, Library, Page, Peasant, Royal Carriage, Swamp Hag

It's all about Hand Size

Coin of the Realm, Festival, Guide, Library, Militia, Mine, Moat, Pillage, Relic, Urchin

Guiding Peasants to Greener pastures

Amulet, Beggar, Distant Lands, Duplicate, Feodum, Gardens, Guide, Haunted Woods, Peasant, Squire

Pages and Scavengers for Hire

Armory, Bridge Troll, Hireling, Page, Poor House, Remodel, Scavenger, Storeroom, Urchin, Wine Merchant

Foraging for Relics

Artificer, Forager, Fortress, Gear, Hermit, Marauder, Ranger, Relic, Squire, Storyteller

Using Mercenaries to Rebuild Distant Lands

Distant Lands, Duplicate, Gear, Marauder, Rebuild, Royal Carriage, Squire, Urchin, Vagrant, Witch

Fast Tracking the Travellers

Catacombs, Graverobber, Guide, Hunting Grounds, Page, Peasant, Pillage, Raze, Scavenger, Storyteller

Razing Rats to the Hunting Grounds

Caravan Guard, Cultist, Hunting Grounds, Pillage, Poor House, Rats, Raze, Royal Carriage, Swamp Hag, Transmogrify

Riding Rats to the Poor House

Cultist, Market Square, Messenger, Pillage, Poor House, Rats, Raze, Royal Carriage, Swamp Hag, Transmogrify

Treasures - Beg, Steal or Borrow

Beggar, Coin of the Realm, Counterfeit, Forager, Marauder, Relic, Storyteller, Thief, Treasure Trove, Wine Merchant

Every Hermit has a Story to Tell [Mission + Travelling Fair]

Artificer, Caravan Guard, Hermit, Magpie, Peasant, Raze, Relic, Squire, Storyteller, Swamp Hag

Travelling to Distant Lands

Distant Lands, Fortress, Haunted Woods, Hermit, Page, Peasant, Scavenger, Squire, Swamp Hag, Urchin

Better Luck Next Turn

Amulet, Bridge Troll, Gear, Giant, Magpie, Port, Relic, Royal Carriage, Treasure Trove, Wine Merchant

Hysterical Hirelings

Artificer, Coin of the Realm, Distant Lands, Duplicate, Haunted Woods, Hireling, Messenger, Miser, Page, Ranger

A Madman's Paradise

Bandit Camp, Catacombs, Graverobber, Hermit, Hunting Grounds, Knights, Market Square, Poor House, Rats, Rogue

Organic Growth

Altar, Armory, Bandit Camp, Feast, Gardens, Pillage, Procession, Remodel, Squire, Workshop

Haven for Hermits

Catacombs, Cultist, Fortress, Hermit, Hunting Grounds, Market Square, Sage, Storeroom, Vagrant, Wandering Minstrel