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Kendallmessner's Games

Danger daze : witch is BANE card, double curse cards

Bazaar, Graverobber, Haven, Knights, Marauder, Margrave, Mountebank, Pillage, Rogue, Young Witch

Snakes in the garden

Cultist, Expand, Familiar, Gardens, Golem, Graverobber, Mountebank, Rogue, Urchin, Young Witch

Cauldron of doom

Cultist, Goons, Hoard, King's Court, Mountebank, Urchin, Wandering Minstrel, Watchtower, Worker's Village, Young Witch

Dangerous days, witch is BANE card

Bazaar, Graverobber, Haven, Knights, Marauder, Margrave, Mountebank, Rogue, Transmute, Young Witch

Friends and Enemies

Apprentice, Baron, Explorer, Goons, Knights, Marauder, Scout, Sea Hag, Thief, Torturer

civilization at the brink!

Cultist, Familiar, Gardens, Great Hall, Island, King's Court, Philosopher's Stone, Possession, Rats, Transmute

Be a hero, monsters vs knights

Cultist, Ghost Ship, Golem, Knights, Rats, Saboteur, Sea Hag, Torturer, Witch, Young Witch

One mans trash is another mans treasure

Develop, Expand, Forge, Graverobber, Mine, Noble Brigand, Remake, Rogue, Saboteur, Trader