Village Madness

Baron, Cellar, Courtyard, Embargo, Fishing Village, Library, Mining Village, Native Village, Village, Witch

A Game to Remember

Bishop, Black Market, Embargo, Goons, Haven, Island, Lighthouse, Native Village, Pirate Ship, Trade Route

Purse Clutchers

Bank, Contraband, Harem, Hoard, Loan, Moat, Philosopher's Stone, Royal Seal, Stash, Thief

Seaside, Prosperity

Embargo, Ghost Ship, Hoard, Island, King's Court, Rabble, Salvager, Trade Route, Treasure Map, Wharf

War and Peace (but mostly War)

Ambassador, Chapel, Conspirator, Council Room, Embargo, Militia, Moat, Rabble, Torturer, Witch

Welcome to Hogwarts

Apprentice, City, Festival, Laboratory, Library, Mint, Scrying Pool, Tactician, University, Upgrade

Coast Guarded

Bishop, Cellar, Contraband, Grand Market, Hoard, Island, Lighthouse, Mountebank, Pearl Diver, Wharf

Maximum Trade Route

Bureaucrat, Duke, Gardens, Great Hall, Harem, Hoard, Island, Nobles, Pirate Ship, Trade Route

Goons in the garden

Courtyard, Forge, Gardens, Goons, Lighthouse, Mining Village, Mountebank, Talisman, Treasury, Watchtower

My Prosperity Beginner

Bank, Expand, Festival, Grand Market, Mint, Monument, Native Village, Throne Room, Venture, Watchtower


Coppersmith, Harem, Masquerade, Mining Village, Pawn, Possession, Scrying Pool, Throne Room, Torturer, Wishing Well

HS V1.0 Round 1

Cellar, Chancellor, Festival, Gardens, Library, Market, Remodel, Smithy, Village, Workshop

Thieves at the ball

Apothecary, Embargo, Gardens, Golem, Market, Masquerade, Smugglers, Stash, Trading Post, University

Prosperity + Base Set: Random- 1

Adventurer, Bureaucrat, City, Contraband, Council Room, Counting House, Festival, King's Court, Mint, Royal Seal

Prosperity + Base Set: Random- 2

Bishop, Forge, Gardens, Grand Market, Hoard, Militia, Mountebank, Watchtower, Woodcutter, Worker's Village

Nowhere you have to be?

Bank, Embargo, Grand Market, Outpost, Pearl Diver, Pirate Ship, Quarry, Rabble, Talisman, Watchtower


Bank, Festival, Great Hall, King's Court, Library, Lookout, Monument, Peddler, Quarry, Vineyard

Feb 7 game ATTACKS

Ambassador, Bureaucrat, Ghost Ship, Goons, Mountebank, Rabble, Saboteur, Spy, Swindler, Witch

Feb 8 game

Bazaar, Bishop, City, Coppersmith, Ironworks, King's Court, Pearl Diver, Rabble, Smithy, Throne Room

The Exorcist

Apothecary, Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Contraband, Golem, Masquerade, Pirate Ship, Possession, Rabble, Shanty Town
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