Screw You

Bureaucrat, Goons, Masquerade, Minion, Pawn, Remodel, Spy, Throne Room, Torturer, Young Witch

MMM's sorry game

Apprentice, Fishing Village, King's Court, Library, Moneylender, Nobles, Saboteur, Shanty Town, Vault, Village

Flux Capacitor

Council Room, Develop, Farmland, Haven, Highway, Lookout, Native Village, Noble Brigand, Oracle, Spy

America's cup

City, Develop, Golem, Native Village, Nobles, Peddler, Pirate Ship, Tournament, Upgrade, Workshop

Medieval Magic

Adventurer, Alchemist, Chapel, Familiar, Festival, Moat, Scrying Pool, Smithy, Throne Room, Witch

Expensive actions

Border Village, Cartographer, Crossroads, Highway, Mandarin, Margrave, Noble Brigand, Oracle, Trader, Tunnel

Jesting Tournament

Farming Village, Hamlet, Jester, Outpost, Pearl Diver, Remake, Tournament, Treasure Map, Treasury, Young Witch

Pockets of Silver

Bureaucrat, Courtyard, Gardens, Ironworks, Moat, Pawn, Steward, Trading Post, Wishing Well, Witch

2011 Kingdom Design Challenge Finalist #1

Bishop, Border Village, Council Room, Gardens, Ironworks, Moat, Torturer, Tournament, Tunnel, Young Witch

random 1

Cellar, Chancellor, Feast, Festival, Library, Militia, Spy, Thief, Village, Workshop

Good vs. Evil

Forge, Grand Market, Laboratory, Monument, Quarry, Royal Seal, Saboteur, Thief, Throne Room, Venture

Eat The Rich

Harem, Mining Village, Minion, Nobles, Pawn, Saboteur, Shanty Town, Torturer, Trading Post, Tribute

Curses and Copies

Ambassador, Grand Market, Hoard, Jester, Militia, Mountebank, Remodel, Smugglers, Torturer, Young Witch

Scheme gma

Border Village, Contraband, Counting House, Embassy, Farmland, Grand Market, Jack of all Trades, Quarry, Scheme, Trader

Sterling Silver (or: Intrigue Allstars)

Coppersmith, Courtyard, Great Hall, Harem, Mining Village, Nobles, Pawn, Trading Post, Tribute, Wishing Well

Green Dream

Baron, Crossroads, Farmland, Great Hall, Harem, Island, Nobles, Scout, Silk Road, Trade Route

Trade And Trash

City, Envoy, Great Hall, Hoard, Ironworks, Mine, Nobles, Pawn, Shanty Town, Trade Route

Many plauseble stratagys

City, Coppersmith, Counting House, Courtyard, Feast, Mountebank, Shanty Town, Venture, Witch, Workshop

Truly a 30min game

Fishing Village, Haven, King's Court, Militia, Mint, Moat, Moneylender, Pearl Diver, Salvager, Village

Plenty of everything

Apothecary, Contraband, Council Room, Courtyard, Farming Village, Herbalist, Horn of Plenty, Scrying Pool, Tournament, Transmute
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